5 steps to the perfect job posting

When you are hiring, a well-written job posting is one of the tools you can use to attract the best talent to the open position.

Get to Work are using Jobylon as it’s the easiest way to create beautiful job ads and to showcase the culture and services of our clients. However, it’s what’s in the job posting that matters more than the perfect template, so here are some pointers on how to create the perfect job posting that will have the candidates press “Apply Now”

1. Start with an introduction to your company

Write a few sentences in the beginning of the job ad about how awesome your company is. Who works there? What services or products do you offer? Have you won any awards recently? Why would people like to work with you? Convince the reader!

2. Describe the role and the expectations

Add a detailed description of the role and it’s responsibilities and expectations. The potential candidate needs to get a realistic idea of what the role entails. You should also list the requriements, ie what kind of skills and experiences you are looking for. Remember to not be too exclusive here so that you don’t scare away applicants. Is it really crucial that the candidate has attended a certain course at university, or is it enough if he or she has acquired the skills through previous job experiences?

3. Showcase your culture

You should take the chance to tell the story of your company; who are the people working there? What can you expect as an employee? Are there any cool benefits? How do you structure your teams? How do you reward your employees? What career paths can they take within the company?

In a Jobylon job posting you can add media like videos, pictures and links to your social media accounts. You could upload a demo video of your products, or a video interview with your employees. If you are the CEO or the hiring manager – why not record a video explaining what your are looking for and what the future employees can expect? The more information the better, as the potential candidates will get a realistic view of your company.

4. Add a “how to apply”

Always include clear instructions on how to apply and what kind of applications to send in. Do you want the applicants to attach a CV and cover letter? In what language? Or a video or links to their portfolio? You could also add a sentence or two about the recruitment process and who they can contact if they have questions.

5. Treat your applicants like VIP

Remember to treat all your applicants like VIP:s. Even if they are not a fit for this specific role they might be interested in future positions at your company so make sure they are treated well throughout the process. Update them on the selection process and give them feedback if they are rejected.

If the applicants get a good impression of you they might want to work with you in other ways and could become your best clients or ambassadors in the future, so add them to your newsletter and the invitation lists to your next events and start building your own talent pool.

Karin Bogren

Karin Bogren is the founder of Get to Work, a boutique HR consulting company focused on global talent. The company mainly works with startups and IT/tech companies that recruit international talents and have multinational teams.

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