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New feature: Viewer Permission

New feature: Viewer Permission

Today we’re happy to present a new type of permission we’ve introduced to Jobylon, the Viewer Permission!

New feature: Applicant Tasks

New feature: Applicant Tasks

Managing your applicants, no matter how many they are, is never easy and requires you to stay on top of a lot of tasks. Our goal with Jobylon is to Simplify Hiring and for every feature we create, we’d like to get one step closer to that goal.

Today, we’re happy to introduce our latest feature – Applicant Tasks. We know this is something many of our users have requested so we hope you like it!

With this feature, you can easily create and assign Applicant Tasks to members in your Hiring Team and receive automatic reminders if they are overdue.

This is how it works

Within each Applicant page there’s now a Tasks tab next to your Notes.

  • Click on the tab and Create a task
  • Name your task e.g. “Call and book an interview”
  • Set a deadline for your task so you’ll get a reminder if it’s not marked completed on time (Optional)
  • Assign someone from your Hiring Team to the task – They will automatically receive an email when you save and create the task

Applicant Tasks

That is basically it! =)

You can find all your tasks and the ones you created for others by clicking Tasks from the top menu.

Applicant Tasks Overview

We hope you like it! As always, feel free to comment on this post if you have any questions or thoughts!

Log in to your Jobylon account and start creating some Applicant Tasks!


New feature: Job Ad Analytics

New feature: Job Ad Analytics

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly where your most effective candidates are coming from and which job boards and channels that are providing most value for you?

Well from now on, you’ll be knowing exactly that!

The Effect of Visual Job Listings

Lets be honest, job listings are boring today, period. A job listing should be an advertisement used to sell the job and employer to the right candidate, something current job listings are failing at.

One part of this has to do with the content and how the opportunity is being described. There’s actually a lot of information out there about how companies should word their job postings in order to attract top talents. But there’s little information about how job postings should be designed and visualised. At Jobylon, we’ve always talked about the effect of visual job listings but we’ve never put any numbers on this.

Software Advice, a company that researches and review applicant tracking systems, recently released a report on how visual content in job postings can help organisations attract a higher number of quality applicants.

Customize Your Recruiting Pipeline

Per default, Jobylon sets you up with a defined recruiting pipeline consisting of the stages “New”, “In Progress”, “Hired” and “Rejected”. This is the most simple form of any recruiting pipeline and many customers don’t need anything else. Having said that, there are lots of companies who already have a pre-defined pipeline they would like to continue using. Jobylon allows you to build your own recruiting pipeline in order to match the process you’re already used to.