Introducing CANVAS – A beautiful job ad

Jobylon is all about creating rich and beautiful job ads, something that gives applicants a better understanding of not only the position but as well as the company. The job ads we know today looks, quite frankly, boring. But it’s not only about the layout, even the content itself is not that appealing and is not doing a great job of “selling” in the position to candidates. Today, job ads usually describe “Who we want you to be”. That might have worked before but we’re seeing a shift in paradigm where employers need to work much harder to get candidates’ attention, not the other way around. At Jobylon we believe a job ad should answer the question “Why should you work for us?”.

Today we’re excited to share our latest beautiful job ad, we call it Canvas and we hope you like it!

Lets start by taking a look at the end result – Click here to take a look at a live job ad from one of our awesome clients DigiExam.

The job posting consists of the usual elements that we’re all used to, e.g. the job description, skills & requirements as well as a paragraph about the company. Additionally, the Canvas template also includes the following elements:


Showcasing your employees and potential future colleagues to the candidate should be obvious. By doing so, you’re giving the reader a clearer picture of the people he/she might end up working with, something that many times is far more important than the role itself.

Company Benefits

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you have some awesome benefits. Many times, these benefits are exactly the reasons a candidate picks you over someone else!


Company Timeline

We’ve always had the possibility for you to include a video about your company and now you can also create a visual timeline to better tell candidates about your story and the important milestones you’ve gone through.

In order to use this template for your job ads, you need to be an administrator of the account and complete your company profile. Do this by visiting your company page and click edit.

This is just the beginning, we have a lot of amazing ideas regarding our job ads. If you have any input or feedback, we would LOVE to hear it!


Aref Abedi

CEO of Jobylon - I'm a product guy with a passion of realising big ideas with awesome people!

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