The Effect of Visual Job Listings

Lets be honest, job listings are boring today, period. A job listing should be an advertisement used to sell the job and employer to the right candidate, something current job listings are failing at.

One part of this has to do with the content and how the opportunity is being described. There’s actually a lot of information out there about how companies should word their job postings in order to attract top talents. But there’s little information about how job postings should be designed and visualised. At Jobylon, we’ve always talked about the effect of visual job listings but we’ve never put any numbers on this.

Software Advice, a company that researches and review applicant tracking systems, recently released a report on how visual content in job postings can help organisations attract a higher number of quality applicants.

After surveying nearly 400 job seekers, Software Advice had some interesting findings

  • 51% were more attracted to a job post with visual elements than without
  • 45%  specifically said images in a job posting would make them more attracted to a company
  • 31% specifically said videos in a job posting would make them more attracted to a company

We connected with Brian Westfall, Market Research Associate at Software Advice and asked him to take a look at the Jobylon listings. This is what Brian had to say:

“In light of the findings in our report, Jobylon offers great examples of how online job postings should be designed. The icons and images used are warm and engaging, while the embedded videos offer another medium to promote the company and the job in question. Most importantly, these postings are an extension of the client’s brand and don’t stick out like a sore thumb compared to most default designs. If there was such thing as the ideal job posting design, I’d say Jobylon is well on the right track.”

Job postings in general have gone through little (if any?) visual transformation the last century and the report from Software Advice clearly shows the importance of visual design in recruiting to attract top candidates.

Make sure to read the full report here

Aref Abedi

CEO of Jobylon - I'm a product guy with a passion of realising big ideas with awesome people!


Piotr Kundu

about 5 years ago

I would say that a great Title and a clear description what the job requires you to get DONE, instead of what you need to "have". Eg for a Recruiter position: * You will have to call 30 nurses and doctors per day, interview 2 and make 2 placements every. instead of the traditional: * 5 years experience in recruiting in healthcare. The visual effect attracts the eye, the copy is the call for action. Since our operations usually is "stealth", the hiring company is secret, drawing out candidates that would not apply otherwise. We regularly beat or industry metrics using this combination.


Aref Abedi

about 5 years ago

Great input Piotr! I completely agree, it's safe to say that it's the combination of content and design that gets the job done end of the day!


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