How to create the job ad of the future

Would you agree with this statement:

“Candidates’ expectations are rising all the time and only those who keep up will be able to hire top talent” ?

Then why are we neglecting the job ad? Why are they still something we think of last? Many times they are ugly, poorly written, and a pain to get through for candidates – not great when our goal is to hire fine people.

But this can be turned to our advantage, because everyone else is making the same mistakes.

In this e-book you will learn tips and tricks to make your job ads stand out. By being human, including a few design elements, and switching up your writing style – you can make a big change and capture the attention of quality candidates. 

Download the e-book so we can create the job ad of the future now!

The job ad of the future e-book
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Elements of the job ad of the future

Be human




Focus on candidates - not yourself

Design, design, design


Maximize employer branding

Be conscise and bring value

Download your free copy and learn how to create the job ad of the future today!

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