Customize Your Recruiting Pipeline

Per default, Jobylon sets you up with a defined recruiting pipeline consisting of the stages “New”, “In Progress”, “Hired” and “Rejected”. This is the most simple form of any recruiting pipeline and many customers don’t need anything else. Having said that, there are lots of companies who already have a pre-defined pipeline they would like to continue using. Jobylon allows you to build your own recruiting pipeline in order to match the process you’re already used to.

Recruiting Pipeline Settings

You need to be an Administrator for your company in order to customise your recruiting pipeline. If you’re not and would like to customise the pipeline, please reach out to someone with the right privileges and ask them to define it for your company. To build your pipeline, go to your Company Settings and click on “Recruiting Pipeline”. You can also click here to directly reach the page.

Recruitment Pipeline

Recruiting Pipeline – Click for larger image

  • To add stages, enter a name in the input field and hit “Add stage”.
  • To rename a stage, click on the pen icon and rename it.
  • To delete a stage, click on the cross and confirm that you want to remove that stage. This can only be done if the stage currently has no candidates under it.
  • You can also re-arrange the stages by dragging and dropping them in the order you like. 

Special stages “New”, “Hired” and “Rejected”

The stages “New”, “Hired” and “Rejected” cannot be changed. The reason is that Jobylon needs these stages in order to manage your candidates properly. 

Renaming existing stages

You can rename existing stages, but be aware that if there are candidates under that stage, you’re renaming that stage for all those candidates. E.g. If you already have a 10 candidates under “In Progress” and re-name that stage to “Interview”, all the 10 candidates will be put under this stage, which might be confusing. We recommend that you add the stages you need and move your candidates to these stages before renaming any existing ones.

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