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Why a bad candidate experience can ruin you and how to fix it

People’s opinions spread like wildfire in a matter of seconds and experiences, whether a customer’s or a candidate’s, are most likely what are being discussed. Poor encounters with your employer brand are not only unappreciated, they are also conversation starters on Twitter or a reason for getting reviewed online. The point is, these experiences matter and can either be used as an approach to help your brand glow or, in the worst case, ruin you.

Attractive candidates expect a seamless and customized candidate experience, all the way from the first interaction to hiring and beyond. How can you go about creating a flawless candidate experience that leaves them advocating in your favor? We have listed our 3 most important actions on how to capitalise on future experiences and create a winning candidate experience that takes their breath away (maybe not the Whitney  Houston-effect but close enough).

  1.     Enchant them at first glance

It takes about 30 seconds for a candidate to decide whether they want to continue reading or not. Instead of a drawn-out job advert where the point is made at the end of the funnel, spend those few seconds well by creating a positive experience right from the start. 

So, what’s the trick? Sell it to your candidate! 

Customizing is the number one rule to create eye-catching adverts that spark the candidates’ interest. Let’s say that you’re hiring a developer. Highlight words and expressions that your candidate persona can easily identify with and involve the tech department to make it relevant and eye-catching. Make sure that the initial description of the job enables the reader to picture themselves working for you and that it’s crystal clear what impact this specific role has on the company and its vision at large. 

Essentially, the aim isn’t to attract as many talents as possible, but to attract actual qualified candidates who could be a good fit for the company.

This is what the HR council member Tasha Bell from Forbes had to say about it (and we couldn’t agree more!).

“Recruiting is selling. Identify your target audience and understand your organization’s selling points. What do you have to offer, and who would benefit from what you can offer? With these details, you can place your company brand in the center of your target audience. Advertise your organization’s culture, and echo your talent’s needs, skills and attitudes as they relate to your brand.” – Tasha Bell, Talbert House  

 2. Get more qualified applications by reducing the complexity of your application process

Too many required fields, unnecessary logins and complicated personality tests at the beginning of the application process might scare candidates away, especially the good ones. The application process should be personalized, mobile-friendly and make sense for the role they’re applying for. Delete all the extra clutter and required fields for information that it isn’t vitally important to know early on in order to simplify the process and make it go as smoothly and efficiently for the candidate as possible.  

Apparently 60% of talents say that they have quit an application due to its length and complexity (source). Put yourself in your dream candidate’s shoes. Would you go through a complicated application process when there’s a ton of other opportunities waiting?

The best way to find out is by conducting use case testing, which allows you to walk through the process as if you were the candidate. This helps you to detect eventual loopholes and to identify the screening elements to test (reviewing how necessary each step is and if there’s any way to streamline or improve them). This will minimize the risk of qualified candidates dropping out and enhances the overall experience.

3.    Change your communication style and you will make it rather than break it  

Just like in dating, ghosting is never charming. Maybe you had a huge workload on your shoulders or you just simply lost one in the ocean of candidates. No matter how good your intentions might have been, poor communication will unfortunately affect your reputation. 

A winning experience requires an impeccable communication style that never leaves anyone hanging. Let me give you an example from our own software. With Jobylon, recruiters can easily keep track and guarantee a ghosting-free experience by automating parts of the interaction with your candidate. This feature is especially useful for those of you who are juggling a great number of candidates and risk losing someone during the process that needs to be reached out to – find software that does the work for you! 

However, the overall communication still needs to be personalized for candidates to feel like they’re valued and not just a number. 

The same thing goes when rejecting candidates. Play your cards right and you’ll leave any candidate, whether they were rejected or not, with a positive experience. It’s mandatory to leave everyone feeling acknowledged and respected by always rejecting candidates over the phone. Many candidates also appreciate feedback to improve their chances next time around.


Evaluating and measuring also plays a huge role in creating a winning candidate experience and can be done through sending out feedback surveys to candidates that you recently had an encounter with. This gives you an immediate source of information to improve this work in the long term.

Delivering a high-quality candidate experience will not only leave you with a 5-star review, but will also automatically gain you ambassadors (regardless of whether the candidate was hired or not). As many as 64% of all job seekers with a positive experience are willing to apply again and refer others, something that affects not only your employer brand, but your overall brand reputation. 

Another thing to take into consideration is that customers are more likely to turn into candidates, which again legitimizes the fact that it’s all aligned and that the work between marketing and HR is a two-way street. Unhappy experiences turns into dissatisfied customers and vice versa. 

The effort you put into it will change the perception people have of your employer brand as well as your overall brand and in a world where opinions are spread like wildfire, there has never been a better time to start. 

2019’s ultimate employer branding trends that every recruiter should know about

HR is currently going through a prodigious transformation where there’s no alternative but to be ahead of the game. To remain relevant, your strategies need to be aligned with how people in this world behave today, but in a fast-paced world where everything is constantly changing, it can be quite a challenge. Even so, it is important to find the time to incorporate employer branding into your recruiting strategy and to keep all your noise out to the world eye-catching and highly interesting for eventual job seekers.

How can you craft a powerful employer brand that stands out from your competitors’ and effectively attracts top-quality applications? Let us walk you through the most relevant and efficient trends you need to have in mind when taking your employer branding to a new level.

  1. The job advert is all about you now

Your job advert is the first impression a job seeker will have of you. It is your most important shot at influencing the job seeker, so make sure it’s captivating and intriguing right from the start. A good way to do this is to turn the tables around and ask yourself what you as an employer have to offer instead of the opposite. Finding a candidate who matches your criteria is undeniably important and is still the objective, but there are more effective, time-saving ways to do so.

Employer Value Propositions (EVPs) are an obvious factor in the creation of the advert, but as fun as free fruit and ping-pong tables might be, the job advert of 2019 craves a little more depth than that. People want to get to know the soul of the company and the most compelling way to do this is to bring out your identity, values and let them know that the advert is coming from a human and not a robot. Why not spark it up with a bit of humour?

Way too few employers dare to let their true identity and personality shine through in their job adverts – but it pays off! The easier it is for the reader to picture what it’s really like working for you and whether they might be a good fit or not, the better are the chances of getting high-quality applicants. An excellent way to legitimise your EVPs is by adding personal testimonials from your employee advocates. Just a sentence or two to summarise their experience will make a huge difference.

Just a little side note: Using words with a positive impact will change the whole outlook. While it might still be a requirement to be stress-resistant, there are ways to put it that excite and ignite that fire within them rather than the opposite.

2. One company – one brand

More and more companies are benefiting from aligning their corporate brand with their employer brand, and this year we will only see more of this trend that will transform not only your employer brand but your overall brand.

One way to kick-start the alignment process is to compare your company’s core beliefs (purpose, vision and values) with your EVPs. Intertwining brands in a strong synchronised way means that they both use the same personalised voice for their overall communication. Here it’s important to work cross-functionally in order to ensure that marketing and HR are on the same page and that all external communications have the same tone, whether they are directed to potential customers or employees.

Why is this important? We can’t avoid the undeniable link between the customer and employee experience. A great employee experience will fundamentally impact the customer experience and vice versa. Your employees are the foundation of your company as well as your most raw authentic window out to the world and by encouraging employees to encapsulate their employee experience, you allow the raw authentic stories to come to life, which will tremendously impact the customer experience. This is a proven and essential strategy to radically strengthen your brand awareness.

3. 2019’s magic key to make it on social media

Authenticity is a key factor in successful brand communication in today’s world of social media, and this year one main component will be telling stories. As many as 62% (2019 Employer Brand research by Randstad) of all job seekers are researching companies’ social media channels before applying. This means that we need to meet candidates where they are today, ready with quality content that resonates with the audience.

Unfortunately, the modern digital world is loud and messages do not get through unless they are unique and captivating. You can shoot out content day in and day out but that doesn’t always equal good results. To truly write your way into people’s hearts, you need something that moves emotions and is relatable. One of the most underestimated ways of cutting through the noise and engaging with people, intellectually and emotionally, is to tell a story. Storytelling is, in fact, one of the most authentic and primary ways to communicate and the most effective way to catch someone’s attention.

Promote stories from employees that showcase working culture. Do they think it’s great working for you? If so, let them answer the big “why?”. The why, the details and the personal elements are where the story takes place, which will give future candidates valuable insight and a clear idea of who you are. Don’t just let them know that you’ve got a great work environment. Let them be guided through a day at your office (show faces, smiles, visually show the work environment, include video). Showing details will humanise your brand and automatically improve the candidate experience.

4 must do’s to create an outstanding job ad

Struggling to attract qualified candidates? Don’t underestimate the power of a well-written, innovative job ad. Job seekers are now in charge and are facing more opportunities than ever before, so for recruiters, this means putting in the extra effort that is vital for standing out and catching the right people’s attention.


Here are 4 additional ways to create an outstanding job ad that are guaranteed to bring you results:



1. Write your way into their hearts



Make it sound like it’s a position to be excited about, whether that means changing the title to something more appealing or writing the ad in a way that makes it sound personal and intriguing. The aim is to ignite that fire within them, not kill it. But unfortunately, fancy titles aren’t always enough to get someone to hit the “apply” button.

Try to read and write the job advert from the job seeker’s perspective. How does the wording make you feel? Simply avoiding words and phrases that might have a negative impact will give you a better shot at finding your perfect match and not scaring away your potential dream colleague!

The Virgin article about the importance of representation in the workforce brings up many interesting points, one of which was about how women only tend to apply for jobs when they feel they have the required qualifications. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to apply whenever they find the job interesting. So, browsing through the listed skills and filtering out the unnecessary ones will also give you a wider range of applicants.  



2.  What have you got to offer?



Make sure you highlight what you can offer as a company and what it is that makes you different from your competitors. It’s a two-way street and looks way less “robotic”. Free fruit and flexibility are great, but what about the culture? Are you working hard to cultivate a great work dynamic? Are you a team filled with great personalities? Don’t forget that you’re welcoming them to a family!

A huge part of what you have to offer is your core values. Your identity, foundation and beliefs. It will give the readers the chance to decide whether they can picture themselves working for you or not. At the end of the day, you want to attract the candidates who feel aligned with your values and can proudly stand behind them. Don’t forget to mention why and what you are doing to get there.


Here’s an example. Let’s say that you are promoting Work Life Balance. Be sure to always give examples of how this is done. Maybe you are doing walking meetings once a week to promote health and to get out of the office. This might sound like a simple detail but it is a brilliant example of how to bring out your personality.


3. Be like Sievo and kill it with a video


As mentioned in our previous blog post, adding a video into your ad will immediately spark it up and generate more engagement. There are many powerful ways to play around with visual content and to make it genuine and inspiring, depending on what special feeling you want to convey through your advert. Since we are heading towards a future of visual content, adding an employer branding video into your job ad should be an approach worth considering if you haven’t already.

If you’re looking to make it less uptight and more human, using a bit of humour is always a good way to start. Just look at how our friends at Sievo have showcased their culture (pssst…rumour has it that they were awarded “Best Employer Brand Video 2018”)



4. Make them feel important



Lastly, underline what makes this specific position important for the whole team or company. According to Matt Buckland’s article, personal development and a sense of belonging are two of the most important aspects to consider when writing a job ad. As an employee, you want to feel like you are making a difference and that the working hours you put in matter.

Why is your company an optimal place to grow? How are you going to help your future candidate to reach their potential? Making room for personal development will not only increase loyalty but will also make you an employer worth counting on.

3 brilliant ways to make your employer brand shine on Instagram

Instagram is growing beyond measure and is today a beneficial part of many companies’ employer branding strategy. With 1 billion users worldwide, it is 2019’s go-to platform where only imagination can put a stop to what you can accomplish brand-wise.

So let’s talk about what’s on the horizon in terms of employer branding on Instagram and how you can use your account in the most optimal way to stand out as an employer. Using Instagram to attract and show off culture is already a frequently used strategy by enterprise companies such as Spotify and Microsoft. Not only will it strengthen your brand and engage future job seekers, but it is also a great way to reach passive candidates.

1. Preparation time

Just uploading posts and hoping for the best will only take you so far. Make sure you have set a content strategy that is in alignment with your values and purpose before starting posting. Knowing who you are as an employer online includes the whole package, all the way from picking a relevant username to finding your own unique style of writing and, most importantly, posting content that is actually relevant, interesting and has a purpose.

Another thing to have in mind is Instagram’s sidekick – IG stories. This is an underestimated yet powerful channel for capturing the most spontaneous moments or for live streaming events. Don’t forget to save the best ones as a highlight, which will be seen on your page. With features like “polling stickers”, you can easily ask a question where your followers are able to vote. Perfect for interacting with your future candidate!

Here’s what it can look like:

2. The content goodie bag  

Your most important asset will always be your employees. They are your representatives and voices out in the world and should be a central part of your branding strategy on Instagram. Let me show you 3 useful strategies:

Promote your employees in a way that doesn’t feel forced and gives a sense of the diversity of the company. Asana is a brilliant example of how to capture your employees in a way that gives them character, maintains interest and showcases diversity in a creative way.

Secondly, consistency builds brand awareness and is an effective way to keep your followers updated and interested. Why not implement weekly takeovers or Friday chats with an employee? Here’s one of my weekly updates from our Jobylon page, where I’m sharing my journey as a traveling digital nomad.

Lastly, let everyone know what’s going on behind the scenes! Klarna definitely knows how this is done. Through their account @lifeatklarna they are giving us a sneak-peak into their working culture and yummy behind-the-scenes content while still keeping it real, employee-focused and authentic.

3. Interact with your audience and tell your story

Let’s not underestimate the power of interaction. Establishing relationships takes time and building employer branding on social media is about showing up, over and over again. It’s about humanizing your brand and going deeper than the facts you might have on your “about us” page.

Here’s your ultimate chance to share your story. Being a storyteller gives you the opportunity to step out of the crowd and let the world know what makes you unique as an employer. People want to get a taste of how genuine you are and feel like they can resonate with you. Connect with your followers through the commenting section and let them engage with your posts by conversation-starting content.

According to the Social Bakers report, Instagram can generate 4 times more interaction than Facebook, which makes it the perfect channel to cultivate relationships with future employees.

Interested in digging a little deeper into authentic employer branding? We’ll be happy to help! Don’t hesitate to send us an email at

Why using video job ads will completely change your game


It’s safe to say that the traditional job ad is dead. Video content is already the most dominant form of internet media. By 2019, 80% of everything we see on social media will be visual, and it looks as though that number will just continue to rise.

It can be quite a challenge to keep up with technology these days but, thankfully, Jobylon is here to help you! Our collaboration with Videoburst means that we can easily turn your job ad into a beautiful, customized video – ready for you to share with the world.